Christians have long been called “People of the Way”


Our story for millennia has been one of finding our way through deserts, wildernesses, and the formation of a new movement of love in the early church. Alongside this is the story of peoples here in the Pacific way-finding across the oceans to Aotearoa, and our ongoing journey of learning how to be one family of God in a multicultural society.

This journey of navigation continues today as we seek to find the way of Jesus as young leaders in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. How do we lead and tell the story of Jesus to young people today in places marked by incredible beauty, but also bearing the scars of colonisation and the fresh wounds of unspeakable violence? This is a powerful and important moment for us to get together and consider afresh how we continue to passionately live the counter-cultural way of Jesus alongside our young people.


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